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Dispatch Package

  • We find you the best loads and negotiate top paying rates
  • We book you loads of your choice
  • We handle all carrier setup package
  • We send you rate confirmations
  • We contact your drivers and send them the load information
  • Driver route control (GPS)
  • We find you the lowest fuel prices across the US
  • 24/7 dispatch

Back office package

  • Company Setup (if necessary)
  • Importing rate confirmation into system
  • Paperwork
  • Creating invoices
  • Submitting invoices for payment to the factoring companies or sending invoices directly to the debtors
  • Correspondence with factoring agents and debtors regarding final payments. Working with disputed, rejected, overaged and invoices on hold. Filing surety claims for nonpayments, working with collection agencies.
  • Creating invoices for services, keeping records of them and collecting payments electronically
  • Creating company drivers' and owner operators' weekly statements and earning reports
  • Processing payments to contractors via paper check, direct deposit, ACH or Wire Transfer
  • Receiving incoming invoices, processing, reviewing and sending payments related to business daily operations
  • W2 employees: opening state withholding and unemployment accounts, payroll calculation setup and payments
  • Generating all kinds of performance reports (gross, mileage, driver, dollar per mile, net load profit report…)
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • UCR Filing
  • IRP reports
  • IFTA reports

    Dispatch + Back Office