The best way for Owner Operators to find shippers

find shippers

It’s not a mystery that a lot of Owner Operators don’t like working with brokers, and feel like brokers and not doing honest business with them. That being said, it’s very clear why there’s a recent trend in O/O to find shippers. While shippers usually do business with brokers, it’s not uncommon that an Owner […]

Trucking market – Monthly Summary

trucking market

You can find all the trucking market news and important events on this page. The trucking market has been very dynamic, especially in the last few years, we witnessed a lot of ups and downs, expansions and shutdowns, and a lot of innovations. Trucking market summary – 2019 January After the booming year of 2018, […]

Dispatch Services – Should Trucking Owner Operators use them?

Dispatch services are wanted and needed by Owner Operators who haven’t yet used or have trained to use trucker boards. Most Owner Operators choose to work with a carrier so that they don’t have to deal with all the paperwork and dispatch. Small fleet owners usually outsource both dispatch and back office services, so they […]

How to do trucking dispatch? – Quick Guide

trucking dispatch

How to do trucking dispatch? What are the secrets of a good dispatcher and how do you become one in the first place? We will show you exactly how, no worries! Our team of expert dispatchers knows all the tricks to get the best paying loads in the quickest way possible, and they are ready […]


Dispatch training is one of the key elements for future small fleet carrier owners. Trucker boards may be a bit confusing, but after you complete the training, everything will be a piece of cake! Most company drivers are used to get loads from their dispatch, and when they want to transition from that position to […]

Carrier Registration – Quick guide

Carrier registration is something all future small business owners need to complete if they want to start a trucking company, and before becoming a carrier. We will get to the bottom of what, where, how and who has to complete the registration in this brief guide for all of you trucking professionals who want to […]

How to get USDOT number? – A quick guide

How to get a USDOT number? Nothing can slow you down and require a ton of paperwork and time as bureaucracy. Being the necessary task you have to complete to start a trucking company, we will provide you with a short and straight to the point guide on how to get that USDOT number. What […]

Semi truck financing with bad credit

semi truck financing with bad credit

Semi truck financing with bad credit is a rarety, to say the least, but not impossible. Many owner operators and fleet owners face this issue, and struggle to find a good solution without success. You can rest assured that from now on you don’t have to worry about that. Nothing should stand in your way, […]

Truck trailer rent

truck trailer rent

Truck trailer rent for all owner operators and small fleet owners Truck trailer rent is the service many owner operators are looking for and in today’s market, it’s hard to find good and affordable trailers. The projected jump in the cost of new trailers is going to be the biggest in the next two years. […]

Top 8 Free Load Boards and Other Premium Options


Free loads boards come in handy when O/O’s are just starting to dispatch themselves, or as of today when free load boards are so good, that they even outrank some paid trucking boards! Load boards are the most important tool for the dispatch division of a trucking company. Most of the owner operators prefer dispatching […]