Top 8 Free Load Boards and Other Premium Options


Free loads boards come in handy when O/O’s are just starting to dispatch themselves, or as of today when free load boards are so good, that they even outrank some paid trucking boards!

Load boards are the most important tool for the dispatch division of a trucking company.

Most of the owner operators prefer dispatching themselves, which is a great thing, but, often find themselves a bit stuck when it comes to free load boards.



Do you have to use trucking boards?

Why would this question even be asked in the first place? Well, because somehow, some truck drivers go to Facebook pages to find loads. It’s not an isolated case, although there aren’t many, for drivers to post questions, asking for a load on a couple of Facebook pages and groups.

It’s strongly recommended for owner operators who self-dispatch to use trucking boards. To be fair, it does happen from time to time that someone posts a load on a Facebook page, but those cases are very rare and you cannot count on those cases to generate profit.

All logic and good calculations lead to trucking boards, so why can you still see from time to time a driver asking for a load on social media?

There are several reasons for such actions:

  • They already checked the load boards and couldn’t find a good load for the route they intend to go (for example on their way home)
  • They just started doing dispatch on their own, and still, don’t handle it well
  • They hope to find a broker with who they can establish a good relationship

With all these things in mind, there’s still a good reason why everyone uses trucking boards to secure a good deal on loads. The chances and volume of loads on social media are nonexistent in comparison to load boards (at the end that’s what they’re made for).

Which trucker board is the best?

It’s hard to pinpoint the best one since there are dozens and they all compete to be the best one. But, that’s a good thing, you are left with plenty of choices.

How to differentiate them?

Trucking boards can be broken down in three groups:

  1. Premium load boards
  2. Free load boards
  3. Shipper/broker load boards

Free Load Boards

There are a couple of new trucking boards that you can use entirely free! While not so detailed and with limited options, they are still pretty good tools, especially when you don’t have to pay a dime to use them.

These trucking boards are great for learning and starting without the risk of investment:

Premium Load Boards

Premium load boards are the best of the bunch, that’s why they are considered premium ones, and they charge for their services. Even though you will have to pay a subscription fee to use them, most of them include a free trial period so you can see for yourself will the money be well invested.

Some of the best premium load boards are:

Shipper/broker load boards

While not the best ones to use for an owner operator with own authority, these boards can be useful. They are owned by shippers and brokers, and they created them so they attract new truck drivers and keep them on their boards, so all of their loads get shipped faster.

Although they can be used to find loads, it’s quite tiresome to go and check every single shipper or broker load board out there. It’ much more cost-efficient and less time consuming to use a single load board that has plenty of brokers who post loads there.

The list of these trucking boards is quite big:

Should you do it on your own?

Most of the owner operators will advise you not to outsource dispatching, and most of them are right. You will function and feel a lot better if you find the loads on your own.

This is where we can greatly help you, we offer dispatch training completely free! We will train you to get all the loads on your own, this way you will feel more in control and more independent than ever.

Now, even if they know they can learn how to dispatch, some owners just feel a lot more productive and at ease when someone else is dispatching them, especially if they just started their own authority.

In this case, we offer our dispatching services at the lowest price in the industry of 2.5% or a minimum $150 per week!

Whether you just started your own authority or you created a small fleet, we’re here to help with all your business needs!

Our dispatch service for owner operators is one of the best in the country!

Give us a call, or send us an email, and we will boost your trucking business in a very short period!

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