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Independent Dispatch Services – Should you use them?

independent dispatch services

Independent dispatch services are wanted and needed by Owner Operators who haven’t yet used or have trained to use trucker boards.

Most Owner Operators choose to work with a carrier so that they don’t have to deal with all the paperwork and dispatch.

Small fleet owners usually outsource both dispatch and back office services, so they can focus on operations management.

Is it better to work with a carrier than to use independent dispatch services?

Very often, small operators question themselves if they even need dispatching services? The answer to this question is very straightforward and simple, yes! No matter how small your trucking business is at the moment, doing your own dispatching is a road to unnecessary suffering, growth stagnation, and stress.

When you own a truck, you want to keep it moving all the time. Driving, loading, and dropping off the cargo are operations that require a lot of time and effort on their own. Having an independent dispatch services will save you a lot of your time and, therefore, money because you will be able to rely on them to perform all the important background operations such as:

  • Dealing with brokers,
  • Negotiating rates,
  • Handling calls,
  • Coordinating loads
  • Billing, and
  • Invoicing

Independent dispatch services depend on your profit, and since their sole commitment is increasing that profit the connection between their success and yours is very clear. One is not achieved without the other. That is why the employees who work for these companies are highly motivated to help you grow your business.

A lot of O/O’s are working with a carrier thinking that’s the best and most painless way to do their business. It’s not.

There’s a lot of arguments for why that’s the case, for example:

  • Most of the carriers overprice their services
  • Hidden costs
  • Some carriers have forced dispatch

Independent dispatch services have a number of advantages:

  • You can choose the service you like
  • You can get a much better deal on the cost of dispatch
  • All the conveniences of a carrier’s dispatch but at a much affordable price

So why doesn’t everyone use independent dispatch services?
Mostly because when they hire a dispatch company, they need to hire someone to do all the paperwork and safety tasks, so it appears to be too much hassle.

Carriers offer all of these services in a single package.

How to Choose Independent Dispatch Services that suits you?

Choosing the right independent dispatch services company to work with is also very important. All dispatch services perform a similar type of work but they are not all the same. The quality of the service depends on the experience and knowledge of their employees. The best thing to do is to find a dispatch company that offers a set of services and skills most compatible with your needs. For example, maybe you or some of your drivers could benefit from a support in a language other than English. If you specialize in a certain field, find a dispatch service experienced in that area.

Independent dispatch services companies rarely differ significantly in price. It is a competitive industry, so the prices are competitive too. This enables you to choose the companies with higher reputation. Contracts are also rarely necessary, as you do not want to be tied to someone who is not making you profit. After all, profit is why we are all on the market for.

A good dispatch service will have employees with great communication skills which enable them to build a solid connection with your business (you, and/or your drivers) and the freight brokers. They will know your habits, your loads, and the locations of your trucks at any time. Dispatch services will also help you with rules and regulations, find you the best fuel prices, and assist you in problematic situations.

In the end, having a reliable logistics partner can only help your business to grow and make you more money while saving you a lot of headache on the way.

Should you outsource dispatch?

Do the math, see if you will save money when you hire a dispatching company compared to the carrier you’re currently working with.

You almost certainly will.

All the extra costs included in carrier packages almost always come up more expensive than all of those services outsourced to different companies.

They know it’s easier for owners to have everything in one place, so they take advantage of it. The only thing that’s a great convenience when you’re working with a carrier is their fuel cards, which most of the dispatch companies don’t provide.

Do you even need independent dispatch services?

Now we got to a fun part, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

If you’re an owner of one truck or a small fleet, you don’t have to pay for the service you’re capable of doing on your own.

And believe us, you most certainly can pull it off on your own, you just need proper training. Sure, hiring a company with independent dispatch services reduces your expenses, but nothing beats $0 of expenses when you do it on your own.

You will sacrifice some time before hitting the road, but you will save tons of money and become truly independent and in charge of your company.

The benefits of dispatching yourself

As an owner operator you gain the maximum level of independence when the dispatch is not outsourced.

You find and pick the best loads, you’re in charge of communication with the brokers, and you negotiate the price.

At the same time, you are able to save money by not outsourcing the dispatch and getting better paying loads and routes.

You are the face of your company, there’s no reason to put your name and reputation on the line and let a carrier represent you when you’re fully capable of doing that on your own.

In Conclusion

So, got the idea? Independent dispatch services in most cases are not needed at all, and you can dispatch yourself.

But what about the back office, and how can you learn to dispatch in the first place?

No worries! We cover all of your back office needs (paperwork, safety, etc.), and we provide you with dispatch training FOR FREE!


If you want us to give you a call and have a chat about all your business needs, fill out this form, and we will get in touch with you shortly!


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