BLOG November 8th, 2019

How to do trucking dispatch? – Quick Guide

trucking dispatch

How to do trucking dispatch? What are the secrets of a good dispatcher and how do you become one in the first place? We will show you exactly how, no worries!

Our team of expert dispatchers knows all the tricks to get the best paying loads in the quickest way possible, and they are ready to transfer their trucker boards knowledge onto you!

What do you need to be able to dispatch yourself?

If you ask a dispatcher how did he become one, he will probably tell you that he finished high school and enrolled in a truck dispatching course or he acquired a logistics degree.

Higher education is not required in order to become a dispatcher, although some companies may require some sort of certification or equivalent experience.

Since you aim to do trucking dispatch on your own as an owner operator, you don’t need to go to a dispatching school.

You should receive trucking dispatch training from a professional, and luckily you can get it from the dispatching team at Cloud 9, who will train you FOR FREE!

How does trucking dispatch work on a daily basis?

The daily tasks of a dispatcher is a constant rotation of keeping up with the drivers hauling loads and finding new gigs for them.

Dispatchers start their day early, updating orders and checking that their drivers are on schedule. After some time, they start running a mileage report.

After the report is done they start planning backhauls for the following day. They might have a short meeting with Operations and Managers to give them an update.

They continue their routine trucking dispatch, and plan the routes. Throughout the day they will answer phone calls from drivers and brokers.

What’s left then is to plan the shuttle loads for the next day and send a message to drivers to let them know what’s the plan for tomorrow.

For the end of the day, they continue to update orders and dispatch drivers.

Can you manage to do trucking dispatch and drive?

Sure you can, you can do anything!

Dispatcher’s day is very busy, but bare in mind that a dispatcher has a lot of drivers and trucks to manage.

If you’re an Owner Operator with one truck or you have a small fleet, you will manage significantly fewer trucks than an average dispatcher in a carrier company.

Let’s say you’re an O/O with one truck and you want to dispatch yourself. Your dispatching tasks will be minor ones.

You can start your day by finding a load on a load board, seal the deal with the broker and hit the road.

The broker might give you a call to check up on you, but that’s pretty much it. Once you get the hang of using the load boards and negotiating, it won’t be a challenge at all.

The formula to success

We strongly believe that owners should learn trucking dispatch and do it on their own. We are focused on boosting trucking business, and one of the biggest boosts owners can get is not to outsource dispatching and do it by themselves.

All of our services are created to help trucking business owners to scale up their entire business, and our free trucking dispatch training is included in any service you choose.

The takeaway

The savings you will make with our free trucking dispatch training are just the beginning. Trucking companies that use our services save up to $70,000.00 per year!

Give us a call, and we will help you save money by cutting down all the expenses you had so far!


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