BLOG July 30th, 2019

Dispatch service for owner operators

Dispatch service for owner operators is one of the few services we have to offer.

Our experienced team of dispatchers spend their days looking at trucker boards, finding the best loads and sending more money your way.

Owner operators, like the experienced OTR drivers they are, don’t need any help when it comes to hauling a load.

But, a lot of them need a hand when it comes to dispatching their fleet.

That’s exactly why we’re here.

We have a team of experienced professionals ready for dispatch service for owner operators.

With our team at your disposal, you will get the best loads of your choice.

We take care and handle the entire carrier setup package and we send you rate confirmations.

You want to save money and time on the management of your drivers? That also comes with our dispatch service for owner operators package.

We handle driver route control, invoicing, and we find you the best fuel prices across the US.

We’re here for you, 24/7.

The price of the package is 2.9% and the minimum fee is $175 a week!

The best price for a dispatch service for owner operators in the business!

Why do you need a dispatch service?

It saves you money, for a start.

Now you might ask: How in the world can something save me money if I’m regularly paying for it?  The answer is simple.

We already have a network of operations for the entire trucking business. We’re working closely with brokers, financial companies, and equipment retailers.

Dispatch service for owner operators is only one of the many things we do.

We are skilled and experienced in finding the best loads and rates at a much faster period of time than you could on your own.

With our help, you will waste less time, and haul more loads, making more money in the end of the day.

It’s in our interest to help you make more money.

Because when you make more money, so do we. So let’s grow together and be the leaders of the industry!

With our help, you can relax and focus on yourself, we can do all the managing level jobs for you and your business.

We also understand that these types of things are vital for you to do business, but also could be an extra expense you can’t afford.

This is why we created packages that suit everybody’s needs and don’t break the budget.

Choose only the service you need at the lowest prices in the US!

When is the best time to get dispatch service for owner operators?

There’s no ideal time, any time can be the best time. Should you wait to get at least 10 trucks or ask for a dispatch service right away, it depends on the company offering the services.

We have flexible packages applicable for any number of trucks you own. Wether you have a big or small fleet, we can do business.

Let’s say you just got your first truck through the lease purchase program.

You sat in your own truck finally, and you would like to feel a bit more independent than being tied to your company.

You got it all figured out, and you want to expand your fleet of trucks.

You’re fine with driving trucks and delivering loads, but you think you can’t do dispatching and paperwork all by yourself.

Then you’re presented with two options:

  1. Try to learn to do everything by yourself and waste a lot of time and money by doing so.
  2. Hire a company that handles that kind of business, get a lot more loads faster and never be left with an empty truck.

There are the facts, some owner operators even get their family members to learn how to dispatch and do accounting, thinking they will save money.

In reality, it takes a lot of time for an untrained person to handle that kind of work.

It doesn’t payout in the end, because more money is invested than returned.

Feel free to talk to someone from our team and get an offer that will suit you best.

Final words

Dispatch service for owner operators is one of the crucial additions to your trucking business that will give it the boost it needs to grow.

With a steady and constant flow of loads and great rates, you will be able to run a profitable business and expand it further in the future.

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