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Dispatch for Trucking Company

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2019)

Dispatch for trucking company is one of the most important parts of the business.

Trucker boards are just useless information if you don’t have a good dispatch team to utilize it.

Dispatch is there to make sure the trucks are not empty and that they get good rates. Dispatchers must have great communication with drivers and brokers so everything runs smoothly and stays profitable for drivers and the company.

The question that some fresh owner operators looking for get their own authority ask themselves is why would they need a dispatch for trucking company at all?

They presume it would be a piece of cake, since they’ve spent a lot of time on the road.

This is a common misunderstanding. Dispatching is not a job that anyone can do.

No dispatcher would be a good driver and vice-versa.

Businesses flourish only when everyone is doing their job and what their skilled for the best!

Types of dispatch for trucking company

When it comes to carriers’ dispatch, there are only two types:

  • Forced dispatch
  • No forced dispatch

Carriers with forced dispatch usually employ company drivers only. Since no load can be refused, they don’t attract owner operators.

Forced dispatch means if the dispatcher assigns the load to you, and you refuse to haul it, for whatever reason you may have, you will either get a penalty for doing so, or the dispatcher won’t assign you a new load for quite some time.

On the other hand, carriers without forced dispatch give you the option to refuse the load if you evaluate that you shouldn’t haul it for some reason.

As for dispatch-only service companies, there are a lot of things based on which you can tell one from another.

One of the main things you can pick the right dispatch company on, besides the price point, is how they offer their services.

While some companies offer only dispatch services, others have packages that include complete back-office work.

Here’s the catch though:

A lot of companies overcharge their services if you don’t purchase the whole package.

This is not the case with us, Cloud 9 gives you the option to choose only the service you want and still beat everyone else’s prices!

How to choose the right dispatch company

Like any other service you might need, you should ask some basic questions to yourself:

  • What exactly do you need help with?
  • How much do you want to save?
  • Are you going to be bound by a contract?

If you only need a hand with dispatch, then there’s a lot of options out there. The next step would be to filter them out by price, and you will find that the average is around 7% of the load.

We offer dispatch service at more than HALF OF THAT! Only 2.9%!

If you want to take care of dispatching on your own, and you need a hand with accounting, safety, etc, then you will face some struggle.

Since there are a lot of accounting companies, there are almost none who specialize in accounting for trucking business.

Except for Cloud 9, of course 😏

And lastly, the matter of being bound by a contract. For their own security of being confident about their revenue, most dispatch companies require you to sign a contract.

This, of course, means less flexibility for you and your company.

We off all of our services – CONTRACT FREE!


Dispatch for trucking company is a vital part of the business. That’s why you should aim for the top quality at the best price possible.

And when you come on board with us, you will get to experience that first hand!

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