Four Vital Safety Rules for Truckers

Four Vital Safety Rules for Truckers

The job of a truck driver can be a fun one, as it involves plenty of traveling and it pays good money too. However, it is also a hard job. The one that forms a category of its own. The routes are long, the loads are heavy, and the trucks require a fine set of skills to be handled properly. Weeks spent away from home can also be really tough and the ever-changing road conditions pose a serious safety risk. That is why certain road rules should be respected at all times.

1. Don’t get distracted

In this day and age, distraction is everywhere. The increasing number of available gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, can make many tasks simpler to perform but inside the truck’s cabin, they can be a serious safety issue. Making phone calls, typing messages and getting various notifications and alerts are all unnecessary distractions. The only allowed distraction is the GPS. When possible, its use should also be minimized by experience and good planning ahead.

2. Keep your distance

Keeping a proper distance and enabling enough space for other vehicles on the road is very important. Especially when driving a large vehicle. The total mass of the truck may vary depending on the load but even empty, the truck needs quite some time and a longer path to get to a full stop. Other drivers should also be aware that trucks offer less maneuvering options and more blind spots compared to smaller vehicles. For all these reasons, giving enough space to trucks, on all sides, is crucial for road safety.

3. Remember to signal

Signals are there to be used. This rule implies to all participants in traffic. Truck drivers should take this very seriously as they are often unable to visualize the traffic around them good. Every action should be announced in advance by the use of a proper signal in order to avoid accidents. Sometimes it can be too late, but it is never too early to hit the brakes because prompt signaling gives everyone time to prepare.

4. Take a rest

Regulations are in place to ensure that truck drivers get the right amount of rest that will enable them to go on with their activities undisturbed. For this, getting enough sleep between shifts is crucial. A sleepy driver is not much different from a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Lack of focus, foggy mind and slow reaction time are all road safety hazards caused by tiredness.

The Final Word

By following these basic four rules truck drivers contribute to their own and the safety of other drivers, justifying their title as the true kings of the road.

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